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Our company

My name is Klaus Jan Ludwig.

In spring 2011 together with a business partner I started the project for virtual environment in Internet. With a focus on the safety of user's data, we have created an espionage secure platform that enables the processing of data online, and also confidential communication between users of the system. It is also possible to share resources, such as used in a local network, even if the users are at locations around the globe.

Then we have specialized in IT-support of companies, as well as interested persons in the implementation of projects in the field of data security. We also conduct education, in cases of prevention of industrial and economic espionage and make our knowledge in the implementation of IT - security concepts available.

This knowledge we bring into the system architecture of our platform continually, so we can guarantee a consistently high standard of security.

We are offering virtual working environments on high security platforms installed on our own server center that depend on german data security law. These systems are already being used by companies worldwide that have branches abroad and therefore need an espionage secure communication and uncensored access to the Internet, which is ensured by the browser applications installed on virtual workstations.

For larger companies it is recommended to operate their own system environment licenses. For this reason we offer different packages, which can be integrated into existing infrastructure of companies. This service includes consulting, installation, maintenance of the system, as well as training of IT-personal. We assist customers in all technical matters and adjust desired structures accordingly to individual requirements of companies.

Do not leave your data security up to random chance!

If you do that, it is not a question of whether you will be a victim of a cyber attack, but when.

Make an appointment today by phone call or email.

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